Thursday, January 28, 2010

Connected with the dress companies?

Interesting question? Are you connected with the dress stores? I don't know all the dress companies in your area, but I can speak for 2 here in Ohio. Deb and Davids Bridal.

These companies are agressively marketing prom dressed to the young ladies who are their everyday customers.

The nice thing is that you can sign up to see the same marketing messages your young custtomers are. I recieved another one of these today, from Deb. Well done with beautiful picutres of their spring line of prom dresses. All of this is at your fingertips.

Go to the websites for the dress stores and look for a place to sign up for their everyday e mail updates. This way you are getting the latest information and you are seeing the same styles, colors and looks that the girls are.

After you are done with the dress companies, go to the tuxedo sites and sign up there also.

So, here is the important part. Do it now - before you get busy or are distracted. I think you will be surprised at the effectiveness of their programs.

Until next time...................

Monday, January 25, 2010

See what the girls see....

Now is the time to get out of your store and see what the girls are seeing. On your next trip to the mall go and search out the prom dresses in the stores. Yes you can hit all the major stores in the mall, but also go and look for the kids stores. A couple that we know do a really good job are Deb and David's Bridal. Go and see for yourself the colors, the styles, the textures, are they short, are they long, are they form fitting, are they loose and pouffy? Talk to the clerks in the stores, ask them what is selling, what are the kids saying.

While you are there, ask the clerks if they are doing any Prom Fashion Shows at the local schools. Most of store are doing these events at your local school. Ask if you can participate? Then you can make up beautiful corsages for the girls to wear.

Well, I have gotten off of the theme for today. After you have gone into the dress stores and looked around, then go the costume jewelry stores to see the styles that are attactive to today's student. Use the same questions, what are the colors, styles, textures and even price points?

Now that you are already at the mall, don't forget the guys, go to the tuxedo stores and look around there. Ask them the same questions about what the young man is likely to be wearing at the prom this year. Remember your corsage and boutonniere are your advertising to the other students when your clients are walking around showing off the beautiful flowers that you have created for them.

Remember to have fun while you are doing this - students want to order flowers from people who are having fun helping their prom dream come true. Remember, the student of today is your customer of tomorrow.

Until next time..............

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Start to Plan

I know you are completely focused on Valentine's Day, but don't forget prom is right around the corner.

While it may seem distant to us, it is not for the dozens of students, parents, faculty and staff who have been planning for the big day.

Start now thinking about your plans, and this year make a goal for you and your store. Maybe it is to sell as many corsages as you did last year, maybe it is to sell more. Maybe it is to raise the total of your prom sale, corsage, bout and add ons all together.

The new Fitz catalog will be available as an email preview next week, so if you would like a copy, just drop me a note at and let us know. We will be happy to e mail one out for you.

One big change with this years Selection Guide - we will have 3 companies featured this year. Of course, us at Fitz Design and last year's partner Milton Adler and now to the Selection Guide this year is Berwick Offray Ribbon.

I must say this years Selection Guide is gorgeous!! Absolutely gorgeous! It will be a great tool for you to use to show your clients the products you can get for them. I am sure you will enjoy using it and feel free to call us with any questions. Now that the season is upon us, look for me to post more regularly. So...........

Until next time

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anticipation or Success

For some prom is already finished. For a large part of the country it is still anticipation!
For those who have finished, what lessons did you learn? What goals did you accomplish?
What will you differently next year? How will you market differently?

For those who it is still anticipation? Are you keeping an eye on your goal? Are the pieces of your plan working for you? Do you need to change some parts of your plan?

It is still not to late to get involved with the schools. We had a school call us today about a prom show tomorrow. Good thing we were able to call on a florist in the area, and get them to be able to attend. The dress and tuxedo companies continue to have fashion shows in the schools and this is an ideal place for the florist to get your beautiful designs seen.

Whether your finished or you are still anticipating, share with us your stories, success, and even your frustrations, as a group, we may be able to help out.

And, we always like hearing the success of those around. Don't be shy, take few minutes to share.

Until next time.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't let it get by you - Do it today

I have two quick comments this morning.

First I want to thank Lou Cook, Bill Plummer from the Arakansas State Floral Association for inviting me to come and share our marketing ideas with their members this past weekend.

They had a great, friendly crowd and the details of our marketing/sales and display information was very well received.

Also, I would like to thank Jack Gaston, the owner of Southern Wholesale in Little Rock, where the class was held for hosting the event. A great place with lots of product and I think all of the members appreciate his support of the organization.

So, now on to the second point, Prom is fast approaching for many of you. Have you taken the time to get ready. If not, make a pledge to yourself to - do it today.

Have you gone and got the prom magazines for your store?

Have you set up your display?

Have you trained your staff - very, very important.

Have you reviewed your pricing from last year to make sure you are up to date?

Have you created new ideas for 2009 that are new, creative and fresh?

Have you contacted the high school to create a fund raiser as a way to make your shop a destination for the students?

I don't want this list to get to be very long, becuase I really do want you to "do it today!" if you have not already done it.

Until next time.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Don't forget to be where the customer (girl) is!

Often, as adults, we forget that our customer for prom is the young lady and not someone our own age.

So, let me ask you, do you communicate and shop the way today's teen age girl does?

Have you been to the mall to look at dresses?

How about the tuxedo store?

Young adult jewelry stores?

Remember, are you in the places they are looking for you at?

Do you have a My Space page? How about a Face Book page? Do you have a spot on

Today's young people are attached to their cell phones more than anything. They can do more things with a cell phone than I can do with a complete tool box.

When it is time to let them know that their corsage is ready, don't call them, TEXT them, that is what they are used to. Also, I would suggest sending a photo of the corsage with the text. That is the kind of idea that is likely to get your corsage put on to their facebook page. Or they may forward it on to all of their friends to show off the special corsage you made for them.

Think about having the youngest person in your store, to be your designated prom sales person. Again, connect with the girl where they live.

I hope this tip helps.

Until next time .....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prom Magazines - Your friend

If we list out our tips and strategies for success, this tip ranks right at number 2.

Do you have the prom magazines in your store? Do you have them where the girls, the girls moms and the boys can browse through them?

These are a critical part of your prom set up and display in your store and here is the best way to you use them. When the young lady or the girls mom comes into the store, ask them to take a couple of minutes to look through the magazines and see if they can find their prom dress in the magazines.

When you come back over to them, ask her to show you the dress, at this point, they have given you a pretty good idea of their corsage budget. If the girl has spent a few hundred dollars on a dress, I would suggest starting their corsage at a higher price than normal. Also, in reverse, if the girl show you a dress that is not as expensive, I would suggest not starting the price of the corsage at a high price.

Keep in mind, in every school there are girls who family is more financially able to afford a higher price corsage and in many times is expecting to pay more of a nicer, one of kind corsage.

Another advantage of the prom magazines for you is to help provide a little inspiration. Try this little exercise, take one of the prom magazines, open it up to a dress and say to yourself; "what would be the perfect corsage to match this dress?" This little exercise will cause your creative side to explode with new ideas and on top of that, it is a very fun exercise.

So, for those who are asking, where do I find a prom magazine, check the local bookstores, Borders, Barnes and Noble and many grocery stores carry them near the check out.

These are very inexpensive tools that can really help you to predict the girls budget and provide new inspiration for your design ideas.

Until next time......