Thursday, January 28, 2010

Connected with the dress companies?

Interesting question? Are you connected with the dress stores? I don't know all the dress companies in your area, but I can speak for 2 here in Ohio. Deb and Davids Bridal.

These companies are agressively marketing prom dressed to the young ladies who are their everyday customers.

The nice thing is that you can sign up to see the same marketing messages your young custtomers are. I recieved another one of these today, from Deb. Well done with beautiful picutres of their spring line of prom dresses. All of this is at your fingertips.

Go to the websites for the dress stores and look for a place to sign up for their everyday e mail updates. This way you are getting the latest information and you are seeing the same styles, colors and looks that the girls are.

After you are done with the dress companies, go to the tuxedo sites and sign up there also.

So, here is the important part. Do it now - before you get busy or are distracted. I think you will be surprised at the effectiveness of their programs.

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