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Fitz Design
17506 Brighton Ave, Unit A
Port Charlotte, FL USA 33954
Tel: 800-500-2120
Fax: 800-500-2126
Here at Fitz Design you are welcome to place your orders for just one package at a time, however our order minimum is $50.00 for all products combined.

We only sell to retailers or distributors, personal orders will not be processed.

Fed Ex Ground shipping is applied at the time of shipping, all residential fees, and extended service fees will be applied as well. The shipping will show $0.00 at the time of shipping, this does not reflect your actual shipping cost. All orders will pay full shipping charges. Please call if you want 2-day, overnight or international.

You must be registered and activated before you may login to see wholesale pricing.

Orders must be at least $50 dollars in price. 

We will only ship to actual retail florists through this site. 

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